Building a website with Jekyll Built with Jekyll

Building a website with Jekyll

Jekyll is a powerful static site generator for building responsive websites with blogs using only HTML.

I moved my website to Jekyll, because I wanted a simple site that I could host on my ISP. My ISP has not updated the server technologies for 10 years. It is an Apache server with PHP 5.1 and has no database services. With Jekyll I was able to build a simple, but robust responsive website that provides a blog.

Here are my top reasons I chose Jekyll:

  • Simple to understand how it works
  • Built on HTML only
  • Site is stable
  • Site is fast
  • Very little chance of being hacked
  • No database needed

Jekyll is a static website generator. That means that it generates a website in HTML which can be uploaded to my host.

The site is “built” on my desktop computer and then uploaded to my ISP. Every page has its own HTML page. Every blog post has its own HTML page.

It’s very fast. Only HTML files are sent back for every request. No backend logic is needed for processing, therefore no need for PHP. Nothing in a database.

I thought about Wordpress. It’s just plain overkill for a simple website and blog like mine. All I wanted to do is update my website with a nice looking responsive site.

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